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Power Grid Tube Sockets & Connectors

D & C Electronics carries a wide variety of power grid tube sockets and hardware for maintenance and repair. We also stock repair parts for many tube sockets and have facilities for repairing and rebuilding old sockets upon request and can turn most sockets around in as little as 24 hours.



SK306 E. F. Johnson SK1400A
SK316 SK609 SK740 SK1406
SK320 SK610 SK800B SK1420
AC1 SK350 SK620A SK806 SK1500A YC100
AC2 SK360 SK626 SK810 SK1510A YC184 / 6624925-1
AC3 SK361A SK630A SK820 SK1900 YC184-2 / 6624925-2
AC4 SK406 SK636B SK830A SK1906 122-0274-202
HR2 SK410 SK640 SK831 SK1916 124-0311-100
HR6 SK416 SK646 SK840 SK2000A GZC4-1
HR8 SK506 SK650 SK860 SK2011A HK471
SK3A SK509 SK655 SK890B SK2020 SK for 833 Triode
SK110 SK510 SK660 SK1300 SK2200 SK for 7092 Triode
SK300 SK516 SK710 SK1306 SK2210 SK for 7289 Triode
SK300A SK600 SK711A SK1320A SK2216 SK for 3CX3000A7
SK600A Pro-Tek SK3064
SK606 Y268
SK607 Y297A




CF100 CF500 Partskit 300 015380 14800 149129
CF200 CF600 Partskit 800 001837 149576 149130
CF300 CF700 Partskit 1500 001838 115738 149068
CF400 CF800 015379 11639 115740 149842